Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Buenos Dias Todos1
(Good Day Everybody <---- see how fast we learn!)

Today was our first official day in Spain. We landed at the Madrid airport at around 9:45-10am, Madrid time (3:45- 4am back home) The airline fed us dinner which we had the choice of chicken & rice, chicken & pasta or pasta with tomato sauce. 4 hours later, we were fed breakfast, yogurt and brioche with orange juice.

From the airport we took an hour bus ride to Toledo which we then had to climb a mountain to get to our hotel. In reality, it was simply a very steep hill but with all our backpacks, sweatpants from the plane and 35degree weather, it felt like a never ending mountain. Luckily, the English group was able to bypass the French group and get their rooms first.

After settling into our rooms, Michelle, Vanessa, Jason and AD went sightseeing around the small village of Toldeo. Jane went with her newfound friend and roommate, Jenna. If you'd like to imagine what Toledo looks like, watch any romance movie filmed in Italy with the little side streets, motorcycle and baguettes in their basket and that's what we're looking out onto this evening.

At 5:3o tonight, we will be having our evening prayer with the rest of the group. We were hoping to get some dinner after but because of the heat, in Spain, their siesta starts at 6. Restaurants will only open between 7:30 and 8:00pm!

That's it for now!
Buenos noches from Spain, Buenos dias to Montreal!

GS pilgrims


  1. Good to know you reached Madrid safely, pilgrims! PTL! We know it's really hot in Madrid this time of the year so pay attention to yourselves. Always use your sunblocks and hydrate often. Use as much shade if you can. Take care of each other and say HI to the Holy Father from us all. Until next post, adios!

  2. Este seguro y Dios los bendigo.

    Tia Elvie

  3. May the Lord be with you always..Take care and we love you.
    Mayo Dios estacon usted siempre. Tome cuidado y nosotros le adoramos.