Saturday, August 13, 2011

Day 5 in Toledo


so today was day 5 in the town of Toledo :) The schedule was more or less the same as day 3 and 4. Wake up, have breakfast, meet for prayer as a group, learn new songs, listen to testimonials, mass, lunch, free time, optional workshops, free time again and supper. It might not sound like a lot but we start at 9am and go until 11p.m.

However today before the workshops was an awesome culture show put on by the different countries staying with us in the community. We saw song and/or dances from Austria, Belgium, Holland, Italy, Puerto Rico, and of course Canada/Quebec... the costumes for the some of the countries were really beautiful. Other countries made us break a sweat in the hot sun by dancing but it was so much fun. It was really cool seeing all these countries perform something that their culture is based on.

Today´s workshop was inspiring. There were about 5 youth who showed us how to evanglize and gave their testimonials of how they became so interested in evanglizing to others. They all went to a school in Rome that offers a nine month program to teach young people how to spread to Good News.

Tonight´s supper was interesting. We had some kind of breaded fish and tropical pasta salad... lets just say most of us either didn´t eat it or ate only part of it but didn´t enjoy it. We are now very much breaded out eating at least two breads that are about 4 inches long and at least one meal is some kind of breaded meat or fish served with pasta salad or chips or more bread jajajajaja. Don´t expect us to eat too many carbs when we get home jajajaja.

All for now

Buenos Noches dear readers :)

Signing off
GS pilgrims

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  1. Good to hear from you again, pilgrims! We'rte just as excited as you are with your daily adventures! At this posting for Day 5, are you already staying with your host families? When do you leave for Madrid?

    Take care and may the Good Shepherd be with you always. Blessings!