Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Day 1 - Take Off!

Hello Everyone

Today is our first day in the World Youth Day 2011 experience. We will all be flying out at 9:10pm at Pierre-Elliot Trudeau Airport. We must all be there at 6:00pm and no later. If anyone would like to come out and say their last goodbyes or pray with us, we will be between gate 1 and 2.

Everyone is running around doing last minute errands, last minute packing and definitely no last minute snoozing. Our excitement is high and our hearts are overjoyed with everyone's participations in the fundraisers we have hosted over the past 2 years. We would sincerely like to thank you all for beliving in us, guiding us and supporting us during the long 2 years. Without your support and contribution we would not be able to make this trip happen.

Ad is very much excited to experience his first World Youth Day. As team leader, the rest of the group has to say, Great Job AD in keeping us all together and stepping up as a leader.

Michelle, Vanessa and Jason, although this is not their first experience, they are still excited to see what this year's World Youth Day will be like. We are also excited to see our friends from Australia whom we have agreed to meet with for a few days.

As for Jane, she is our glue. She is the woman who kept us all together. Never once did she give up on us nor did she let our small debates get too far. We'd like to thank Jane for being there for all of us early mornings or late evenings and every minute in between, always answering our questions and concerns.

To Deacon George, Father Alvaro, Father Marc, the Fabrique and the rest of the community. Thank you for always being there for us, for always listening to our announcements EVERY SINGLE WEEKEND, for hearing us scream at the back trying to sell our tickets and always coming out to attend. Thank you for the prayers, the guidance and the good times.

We love you all and cant wait to arrive to update everyone!!!!!

T- 11 hours til lift off!!!

Signing out!
GS Pilgrims

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  1. Yay! keep safe and Godbless you all!!

    Enjoy :)